We build human capability that delivers results for you, your team, and your business. 

Fractional Chief People Services   |   Advisory Services of HR Heads   |   Strategic Advisory  |
Executive Advisory (Power Hours) |  Executive Coaching & Leadership Programs 

Fractional Chief People Services

We work with Executives and Chief People Officers to tackle their biggest people challenges.  

Project Examples:  

Advisory Services for HR Heads

We work with HR Heads & their teams in high growth businesses to evolve their HR functions from being tactical to strategically aligned to business goals. 

Project Examples: 

Strategic Advisory  

We partner with small and medium-size businesses to  co-develop market entry strategies and business development support.   

Project Examples: 

Executive Advisory - Power Hours!

Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective. 

Book a time with an experienced Chief People / Global Executive to talk just-in-time confidentially about a work challenge.    

Common topics: 

Executive Coaching & Leadership Programs

Our RISE Leadership Program is focused on leveling up leadership skills and reinforcing manager fundamentals.

Manager Wins!  

RISE drives participants to grow, gain confidence, and expand their leadership capabilities through 1-on-1 coaching  while achieving the RISE certification (3 levels).